Vantage Organisation is a contracted direct marketing company of Appco Group India Pvt.Ltd.

Vantage Organisation is a direct sales & marketing company contracted by Appco Group India Pvt. Ltd.

  About us
We are one of the leading and progressive sales and marketing company in India. Established in July 2011, Vantage is a contracted marketing company of Appco Group India Pvt.Ltd. Vantage continues to deliver the exposure and impact on behalf of our clients, thus allowing both parties to grow and expand with success.With an aggressive and innovative marketing strategy, we are expanding our business with new offices across the country.

Here at Vantage, we service our clients by taking their products and services directly to the ultimate consumer. This combines the information of an advertisement with the reassurance of word of mouth recommendations and customer service that we feel is second to none.

Vantage Organisation We specialize in face to face donor acquisitions for various charitable organizations. On behalf of the charities we represent, our company is endeavoring to “ bridge the gap” by providing much needed funds and resources through our direct marketing campaigns.
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